Tickets On Sale!

Tickets are now on sale for the first ever Cuckoo’s Egg Theatre Performance. There are numerous shows taking place, all on January 21st. Due to the promenade nature of the show, each performance has a limited audience of just 15 people. Tickets are available here.

What should you expect? Well, we don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you will find yourself moving around the huge Unity Works building, from it’s grand Halls to it’s hidden corners, from it’s beautiful paneled Board Room to the Ladies toilets. You will encounter all manner of characters from the building’s history.

The original inspiration for the piece came from the Unity Heritage Project and the old images and photos within. We thought, what if we could bring those to life? Who are those people? What are their stories? And what if, for one night, they all existed once more, side by side?

This is a unique, site specific piece created by Wakefield based writers and creatives. It includes live performance, projection, film, dance and much more. It features a cast of local up and coming performers. We hope you can join us.



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