Structuring Promenade Theatre

What has become Cuckoo’s Egg’s first performance was a long time in the making. The process began by using the Unity Works Heritage Site as a jumping off point for the kinds of characters that may have existed in the building at various points in it’s history. The team then individually picked people or time periods that excited them, and began writing.

The next step was to walk around the building. examining all the various spaces, from large halls to walk-in safes. We were spoilt for choice. Sometimes a space would inspire an idea, and we’d then connect it with one of the historical concepts we’d already dreamed up.

This resulted in around 25 scenes of varying lengths and complexity and a cast of characters, many of whom only appeared once. Perhaps the trickiest part was then piecing this all together:


Making sure that the piece flowed as a whole, but also that the movement around the building was part of the experience, and not a chore. Luckily at least one member of the group is a complete nerd and enjoys this sort of thing. And it turned out that some of the most fun ideas were the transitions between the scene. But we could never really be sure until we got the actors in place and got in the space…

Tickets are available for the various performances on Jan 21st HERE.

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