First Cast Rehearsal

It’s strange to think that this project began almost a year ago. Myself (Dean), Paul, El and Amy created this idea, this concept for a piece of Theatre taking place across Unity Works and using it’s history as a jumping off point. But for a long time it was a concept. Then we pulled it all together in a script which made it feel kind of real.

But until we saw people – actors! – reading it out loud, until we got it on it’s feet and saw it come to life I don’t think it really existed. Now it does.


With big thanks to The Art House, our first rehearsal with most of the cast took place last week. Using Paul and El’s Drama Teacher skills, we loosened up the cast, many of whom hadn’t met before. A full read-through of the script took place, immediately showing some really strong parts and some that needed work. The actors were amazing at bringing parts to life in a way we never expected.



Being a promenade show, it isn’t the easiest to fully visualise and strangely many of the actors won’t even see each other on the day of performance. But we couldn’t have been happy with this first rehearsal; we’ve got a great team and can’t wait to develop this further in the coming months.

Tickets are available for Jan 21st HERE.

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