Fifties Courting Couples

Within a wide cast of characters and varying time periods, a recurring part of the Cuckoo’s Egg narrative revolves around three young men and three young women, all heading to Unity Hall for a night out at some point in the mid 1950s.


Photos and stories from the history of the building have informed this part of the piece, which is split and spread across the whole building. But perhaps there is more to Ray, Don, Freddie, Annie, Sylvia and Martha’s story than at first meets the eye. And what is the connection to The Caretaker, your humble guide?

Rehearsals have been going really well, fleshing out the motivations of these young characters. And as you may have gathered from the above photo, yes one scene does take place in the toilets. We never said it’d be glamorous!

Tickets for various shows on Jan 21st are available HERE.

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