Community Minded Premiered

We’re really pleased to have performed our second show Community Minded as part of Wakefield Lit Fest’s ‘Wakefield Rising’ event.

The show was commissioned especially for the event and will not be performed again, though we hope that much of it will lead into our next full length show in 2018.

Upon arrival, the audience were split. Half visited our special guest for the day; the new Minister for Culture, Ethics and Heritage who laid out her vision for a future where Art pays it’s way and artists who are contributing to society will be rewarded and supported. The other half of the audience visited an exhibition of recently decommissioned artworks, cited by The Minister as examples of extravagant works by deviant artists and evidence of why Art needed to change. These pieces included audio guides as the audience considered their artistic worth.

Once the audience had switched spaces they all returned to the main room to view ‘Community Minded’, the new piece from Cuckoo’s Egg that had been commissioned by the ministry of an example of what true Northern Art should be. The three core members of Cuckoo’s Egg took to the stage to deliver a broad northern comedy, only to be interrupted by 4 young students on the run from the ministry’s ‘Patrol’, monitoring the artistic work going on in the area. Ultimately, Cuckoo’s Egg step in between patrol and the young people, building a human shield with the audience and denouncing their commissioned play as rubbish.

The patrol, outnumbered, reluctantly leaves. But as the promotional material for the government’s ‘Artist Registration Programme’ littered around the venue suggests, things are only going to get worse.

We had a great response from the audience, some just enjoying the comedy and some delving deeper into the issues we were exploring. Thanks to everyone who came along and Wakefield Lit Fest for supporting the piece.

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